A list of Amenities and Activities for each farm. More details can be found on each farm's profile page.

All farms provide Wi-Fi internet access. Farms welcome guests to join in for chores, ask each farm for times and types.


Berry Fields Bed & Breakfast2 houses Sustainable, integrated organicTamworth pigs, Goats, Poultry, Rabbits, CattleYesYesYesYes
Berry Patch Bed & Breakfast5 suitesGentlemen, catered eventsPony, Donkey, Goat NoYesYesYes
Fairview Farm & Guest Ranch1 cabin, camping availableOperating guest ranch, full equine activities Horses, Beef cows, Milking cows, Chickens, Pigs (seasonal), Goats YesYesYesNo
Farm of Peace6 rooms CSA, farm to table, spiritual retreat Poultry; Tunis sheep YesYesNoNo
Flint Hill Farm3 roomsDairy, fiber, homestead classes Jersey cows; Horses; Toggenburg goats: Poultry; Sheep YesNoNoNo
Frush FarmHouse; apartmentLivestock, crops, homemade goods Goats; Chickens; Donkeys; Cats YesYesNoNo
Hummerhaven Farmstead2 houses Animal assisted learning, wildlife habitats & conservation Goats; Horses; Pigs; Poultry; Rabbits; Sheep YesYesYesNo
Jana's PlaceGuest house Grazing farm for beef cows, calves, steers, replacement heifers and equine Beef Cows, calves, steers, replacement heifers, layer chickens, horse, and mules YesNoYesYes
Mountain Dale Farm4 rooms; 9 cottages Livestock & crops Cows, Goats; Horses; Pigs; Poultry; Sheep YesYesYesYes
Olde Fogie Farm Bed & Breakfast2 suites; 2 roomsOrganicAlpaca; Goats; Horses; Pigs; Poultry; Rabbits; Sheep YesYesNoNo
Owens FarmHouseSustainable, integrated farm to table Horses; Pigs; Poultry; Coopworth Sheep; Working border collie, Honeybees YesNoYesNo
Pleasant Acres Farm2 houses LivestockBlack angus; Horses (Arabian, Quarter horses, Warmbloods) YesYesYesYes
Rocky Acre Farm B&B4 rooms, 2 suites, apt, efficiency, house DairyCows; Goats; Pony; Poultry; Sheep YesYesYesNo
Valley Vista Rentals3 properties Dorper/Katahdin Sheep Farm Dorper/Katahdin Sheep; Dexter, Highland, and Red Angus Cattle YesNoYesYes
Wester Farm Bed & Breakfast2 cottages, 2 suites DairyCowsYesYesYesNo