DOtake some old clothes, and a few extra pair of shoes.
DOlive by the host's house rules.
DOplan to see some of the countryside.
DObe willing to experience a new way of life.
DON'Tbe upset if your bedroom and bath are on different floors. After all, they're both inside!
DON'Tkeep the farm folks up too late.
DOgo to a farm with the expectation of learning a lot from the host family.
DObring a supply of games and books, along with appropriate clothes in case of rain.
DON'Ttake a pet unless you ask first. City and farm animals don't always get along!
DOmake your vacation arrangements directly with the farm of your choice.
DOwipe your feet before coming in the house, and instruct your children to do the same
DON'Tforget your camera. There will be plenty of "firsts" to record for posterity.
DOhave a great time!