A list of Amenities and Activities for each farm. More details can be found on each farm’s profile page.

All farms provide Wi-Fi internet access. Farms welcome guests to join in for chores, ask each farm for times and types.

Berry Fields Bed & Breakfast 2 houses Sustainable, integrated organic Tamworth pigs, Goats, Poultry, Rabbits, Cattle /
Berry Patch Bed & Breakfast 5 suites Gentlemen, catered events Pony, Donkey, Goat   /
Diamond Lane Farm Housing for up to 12 Horse breeding and training Horses   /
Elver Valley Guest House & Cabin 2 rooms; cabin Livestock Alpaca; Goats /
Farm of Peace 6 rooms CSA, farm to table, spiritual retreat Poultry; Tunis sheep /
Flint Hill Farm 3 rooms Dairy, fiber, homestead classes Jersey cows; Horses; Toggenburg goats: Poultry; Sheep   /
Frush Farm House; apartment Livestock, crops, homemade goods Goats; Chickens; Donkeys; Cats /
Hummerhaven Farmstead 2 houses Animal assisted learning, wildlife habitats & conservation Goats; Horses; Pigs; Poultry; Rabbits; Sheep /
Mountain Dale Farm 4 rooms; 9 cottages Livestock & crops Cows, Goats; Horses; Pigs; Poultry; Sheep /
Olde Fogie Farm Bed & Breakfast 2 suites; 2 rooms Organic Alpaca; Goats; Horses; Pigs; Poultry; Rabbits; Sheep /
Owens Farm House Sustainable, integrated farm to table Horses; Pigs; Poultry; Coopworth Sheep; Working border collie, Honeybees   /
Pleasant Acres Farm 2 houses Livestock Black angus; Horses (Arabian, Quarter horses, Warmbloods) /
Rocky Acre Farm B&B 4 rooms, 2 suites, apt, efficiency, house Dairy Cows; Goats; Pony; Poultry; Sheep /
Shoff-Read Century Farm House Livestock Cows /
Weatherbury Farm Vacation 3 suites Integrated,sustainable,organic, onsite milling ancient grains, flours, pastured meats Cattle; Poultry; Sheep   /
Wester Farm Bed & Breakfast 2 cottages, 2 suites Dairy Cows /